Exalted: Secrets of the Lost Age

Session Four: Go West, Young Man!

After the events of the Tomb of Singing Blades, Yara and Entaro decide to seek their fortunes elsewhere than in the Scavenger Lands.  Jingcao and Rook continue on their adventures to Denandsor, while Entaro and Yara choose to return to Coral, Entaro's birthplace, and regroup from there. 

Because of the vagaries of ocean currents and travel, and also as part of a deal with the Guild to help renegotiate their previous funding, the Purgatory's Zenith traveled south around the Blessed Isle, making first for Chiaroscuro, then An-Teng, before finally making north for Wu Jian and then Coral.  In An-Teng, to make a little extra money and fill up empty cabins, the Zenith took on passengers, including a new navigator, as their previous navigator seemed to have vanished into the warren of dockside bars and brothels in An-Teng.

As the vessel drew nearer to Wu Jian, the lookout spotted a landmass that wasn't on the new navigator, Kai Gheron's, charts.  The landmass furthermore began to draw nearer to the vessel, until it became apparent that it was some manner of living creature when Entaro looked overboard and saw its giant eye.  Moments later, eight tentacles rose up around the ship and the fight was on.

Yara and Entaro both leapt to the fight, showing no hesitation about brandishing their orichalcum weapons.  Yara nearly severed one tentacle in a single blow, while Entaro's blade flashed rapidly, like lightning.  Surprisingly, Kai Gheron also became embroiled in the fight, shortly beginning to glow a soft but bright yellow that was not at all the same as Entaro's golden aura.  Finally, during the fight a previously unmet passenger leapt overboard and began attacking the main body of the creature with silver claws…

After all the tentacles were dispatched, Entaro leapt into the water like a fiery comet, finishing off the wounded beast with a single, powerful blow.  The unknown passenger introduced herself as Kushtaka, and though she declined to mention how she grew silver claws to fight the kraken-thing, Kai at least seemed to have his suspicions.


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