Exalted: Secrets of the Lost Age

Session Seven: The Dread Captain

On the way to Coral, the Purgatory's Zenith came across another ship on fire, flames billowing from its deck and flanks.  In a rowboat nearby was an unconscious woman, a Tya from the look of her tattoos.  They rescued her and the ship's doctor cared for her numerous wounds.  When she woke, she identified herself as Kara Shade, former captain of the Azure Gambit.  She claimed her vessel had been attacked by the Dread Captain Skarl Dragonslayer, a vicious sharkman pirate who always leaves one survivor to tell the tale of his brutality.  Entaro offered Shade passage to Coral, which she gratefully accepted.  

After a month in Coral spent gambling, fraternizing, drinking, and who knows what else, Entaro "and his command crew" received an invitation from the Admiralty Court to meet.  The Admiralty Court, led by Shanston Red, aka "Old Blood," offered Entaro first dibs on an increased reward for Skarl Dragonslayer's death, due to his "special nature."  The group immediately tried to wrangle First Age weapons out of the Court, to no avail.

Thinking quickly, Yara, Kushtaka, and Entaro (Kai Gheron was nowhere to be found) all went to Plentimon's casino, immediately wagering strength, experience, and more that they would succeed at returning with Skarl Dragonslayer dead, under the assumption that if they failed, they would be too dead to miss their wagers.  Plentimon happily accepted, utilizing the Artifact in his basement to allow them to wager literally anything.

The Zenith set sail and set about tracking down Skarl based on his last known location.  It took a month of sailing, but the ships finally found one another.  Skarl immediately turned to fight, bearing down like a rabid rhinoceros.  Yara fired the Zenith's ballista, taking out a handful of his demon crew.  In return, Skarl's pet sorcerer fired a Death of Obsidian Butterflies at the ship, leaving many of the River Province Irregulars and Entaro's crew bleeding and wounded.  

When the ships drew near, boarding parties from both ships traded blows.  Entaro immediately targeted the opposing sorcerer, slicing him in half and also decapitating him in a single blow.  Yara and Kushtaka made for Skarl, and a glorious battle ensued.  Unfortunately for him, Skarl was no match for the Exalted, and Yara cleaved his chest with her axe, leaving him to bleed out on the deck.

The Exalted rapidly cleaned up the remainder of Skarl's crew, who literally fought to the last man.  No captives were taken.  On Skarl's ship, the Nightmare, the crew (eventually) found a map to a hidden cave in a shallow reef.  Navigating the dangers of the reef, the heroes found treasure beyond their wildest dreams, enough to give everyone in the party Resources 4.  They also returned to Coral for their rewards, both monetary and ephemeral.  


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