Exalted: Secrets of the Lost Age

Session Three: The Tomb of Singing Blades

In which Yara gets a shiny...

Once the characters have recovered from their previous adventure, they begin researching their next expedition.  Looking over the maps Jingcai recovered from the Tomb of Hatshep-Kur, they perform some research at the Nexus library and determine their best chance of success lies with Denandsor, a First Age city that survived into the Shogunate and was finally felled during the Fair Folk invasion and the Contagion. 

Using Entaro's connections, they meet with a local Guild factor, a man by the name of Gaspar Creel.  Creel is a suave, sophisticated, extremely wealthy man who greets Entaro like family.  He explains the group can have a standard expedition loan from the Guild, at a discounted interest rate since Entaro is a member.  Further, the Guild asks for the first chance to buy any items the group successfully recovers and wishes to sell.  The group agrees, on the condition that Creel hires the River Province Irregulars as the group's mercenary guard, and a compact is formed.  Creel offers to arrange the minutiae of the expedition if the characters can wait three weeks for him to make proper arrangements, and they agree to this as well.

During those three weeks, Jingcai performs further research into the Tomb of Singing Blades, as she knows it is the resting place of Mighty Orr, one of Hatshep-Kur's circlemates.  She goes to investigate the tomb personally, and Entaro and Yara accompany her.  Two guards stand outside the Tomb, and inform the characters that attempting to enter the Six Tombs of Nexus is forbidden by the Council under pain of a hefty fine (and possibly death by Tomb).  They successfully confuse the guards enough to let them "study" the tomb.

The tomb is a dome of what appears to be diamond, with a single door facing West and an orichalcum spire on top that attracts unusual amounts of lighting strikes.  More importantly, the tomb is surrounded by its eponymous blades, hundreds of daggers swirling around the tomb at high velocity that carve apart anything that attempts to enter.  This includes a warstrider, the ruins of which remain within the field of blades. 

After several attempts to scientifically enter the Tomb without success (throwing rocks to knock daggers off course, throwing rocks OVER the blades, etc.), Yara gets fed up and activates Heavenly Guardian Defense.  She strides through the field of blades (to the dismay of the guards), her axe flashing up and into the path of every dagger that tries to strike her.  She makes it to the door, and after a couple unsuccessful rounds of trying to open it cannily (during which she continues having to activate Heavenly Guardian Defense and begins glowing), she puts her shoulder into it and the door opens.

Once inside, Yara is safe from the knives.  The dome is empty within save for a control panel on the far wall, which Yara investigates.  With an uncanny roll, she determines that the instructions, though convoluted, are right there on the device, and uses it to turn off the blades.  Entaro grabs the guards, and they and Jingcai all rush inside, at which point Yara turns the blades back on. 

On the console, there is a switch marked "casket," which Yara immediately flips.  The center of the floor opens and a large, stone casket rises from the floor, sparsely decorated with sigils in Old Realm to placate the spirit of the body within.  Yara heaves open the casket, wherein they find Mighty Orr, still clutching his daiklave Immaculate Demise, and wrapped head-to-toe in chains.  When Yara touches the daiklave, Orr begins struggling against the chains.  Jingcai uses Spirit-Detecting Glance to confirm that his hungry ghost is attempting to animate the corpse.

Fortunately, Entaro is present and uses his anima power to lay the hungry ghost to rest.  Orr dissolves into dust, at which point Yara successfully claims his daiklave.  The party waits until Yara's glowing forehead has calmed down before Jingcai sends an Infallible Messenger to Kratz, the Astrologer, informing her that they have defeated a hungry ghost in the Bastion district (which is technically true).  Then, Jingcai, Entaro, and the guards leave, Yara turns the blades back on, and walks back out using Heavenly Guardian Defense. 

When Kratz and more guards turn up, the characters are enjoying a lovely lunch in the park that surrounds the Tomb.  Kratz asks them if they had anything to do with the Tomb break-in, to which Yara lies (badly).  Kratz sighs and informs them that if anyone DID successfully enter the Tomb, and if they had good reason, the Council would be likely to waive the fine.  Kratz suggests that the guards should be whipped for their inaction, when Entaro points out that anyone who could successfully enter the Tomb would likely be more than a match for the guards, to which Kratz agreed and rescinded her punishment.  Yara maintained her fiction that "someone else" must have done it, at which point Kratz left in exasperation. 


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