Exalted: Secrets of the Lost Age

Session Two: The Tomb of Hatshep-Kur

In which Rook gets his ass kicked, kind of...

The group sets sail from Nexus with little delay.  On their two-week journey south, they pass a few river pirates who want nothing to do with the heavily-manned and armed ship.  When they do finally land, Rook scouts on ahead while the River Province Irregulars help Entaro's crew to carry supplies.  Rook finds the Gemstone Wetland, a section of land that has been transformed into living jewels by the Wyld zone.  They discover that when the gems are plucked, they return to unremarkable material, much to the disappointment of the men. 

Rook continues scouting, and finds the Tomb.  Further, he finds a Fair Folk cataphract guarding it, and chooses to remain hidden.  When the rest of the expedition arrives, the Fair Folk challenges them and insists she cannot allow them inside.  Despite Entaro's solid efforts, the situation comes down to combat.  Two more Fair Folk, identical to the first, appear as if from nowhere, surprising Entaro and Jingcai.  Rook, for his part, surprises the first of the Wyrd sisters.  A thirty-second scuffle ensues, during which Rook, Entaro, and Yara are all wounded, (and during which Rook manages to steal the sword from one of the sisters), before the first of the Wyrd sisters is slain.  At that point, the other two surrender, asking only that they be allowed to take their slain sister with them. 

Once the cataphractoi are dealt with, Rook and Jingcai begin to examine the door to the Tomb.  Rook locates extremely faint writing in Old Realm, which Jingcai translates; together, they use the writing to open the door.  Inside, opulence abounds, in a single large room filled with treasures and a sarcophagus.  While Entaro, Rook, and Yara loot the treasures, Jingcai opens the sarcophagus to find a mummified corpse bearing a golden gauntlet.  She and Entaro perform the burial rites, and Entaro uses his anima power to turn the corpse to ash.  Jingcai retrieves the gauntlet, only to discover it is an elaborate and expensive forgery. 

Searching more thoroughly, she finds a secret door in the bottom of the sarcophagus, which Rook opens onto a 100-foot vertical shaft.  He begins to descend on a rope, when Essence lasers begin firing at him.  He tries to disarm them, but is struck and nearly killed.  His friends haul him up on the rope, and he begins his recovery.  In the meantime, Jingcai summons an air elemental, a sylph, who scouts the rooms below while Rook heals.  After five days, when he has sufficiently recovered (and everyone else has fully recovered), he attempts again to disarm the Essence lasers, this time successfully. 

In the chamber beneath, the expedition finds five doors, each marked with a symbol of one of the castes of Solar Exalted.  Further, those symbols can be removed.  Each door leads to a hallway, which turns right, and empties right back into the central chamber, as an Essence-powered maze effect.  Yara is the first to realize this fully, which allows her to see through the illusion and locate a sixth door in the central chamber.  When she opens it, the group finds themselves in the true Tomb of Hatshep-Kur.

The Tomb has five standing sarcophagi, one for each member of Hatshep-Kur's Circle.  The heroes use the removed glyphs from the previous rooms, along with a mote of Essence each, to unlock the sarcophagi, revealing their treasures.  Mighty Orr's contains the grand grimcleaver "Punishment," which Yara claims.  Tanethaela the Divine's contains a golden, cracked mask, engraved with her ever-present haiku, and with the word "Sidereal" written in Old Realm, in blood.  Beloved Sparrow's contains a sack of maps of First Age cities with ley lines and places of power marked.  The Silent Monk's contains a pair of cunningly crafted leather bracers, which let the bearer hide a small weapon or a set of thieves' tools.  Finally, Hatshep-Kur's contains the corpse of the Eclipse-caste Solar, as well as the true Gauntlet of Dreams. 

After performing the funereal rites on Hatshep-Kur, the group can safely return to Nexus, where Kratz the Astrologer pays them for their time and effort and thanks them profusely.  They sell their loot to museums, collectors, etc., and make a handy pile of money. 


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