Kai Gheron

Chosen of Journeys


Motivation: Steer the Time of Tumult towards a more glorious future.
Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 5, Stamina 3, Charisma 4, Manipulation 2, Appearance 2, Perception 3, Intelligence 4, Wits 4
Virtues: Compassion 3, Temperance 2, Conviction 3, Valor 2
Abilities: Athletics 3, Awareness 4, Bureaucracy 2, Dodge 5, Integrity 2, Investigation 1, Linguistics (Native: Skytongue; Others: Seatongue, Old Realm, High Realm, Riverspeak) 4, Lore 3, Martial Arts 2, Melee (Swords +2) 4, Occult 2, Performance (Prayer +2) 1, Socialize 1, Stealth 3, Resistance 3, Ride 1, Sail (Navigation +3) 3, Survival 3, Thrown 3
Backgrounds: Acquaintances 3, Ally 3, Artifact 4, Backing 4, Celestial Manse 1, Connections 2, Manse 5, Salary 2, Savant 1
Colleges: The Captain 3, The Gull 3, The Mast 3, The Messenger 3, The Ship’s Wheel 3
Awareness: Prior Warning, Expected Pain
Dodge: Absence, Duck Fate
Investigation: Efficient Secretary Technique
Lore: Methodology of Secrets
Melee: Harmony of Blows, Impeding the Flow, Smiling at the Damned
Occult: Mark of Exaltation
Resistance: Ox-Body Technique, Optimistic Security Practice
Sail: Salt into Ash Sleight, Walls of Salt and Ash
Stealth: Blinding the Boar
Survival: Becoming the Wilderness
Thrown: Essence Thorn Practice, Shadow-Piercing Needle
Join Battle: 7
Horizons Edge: Speed 4, Accuracy 15, Damage 11L/2, Parry DV 7, Rate 2, Tags O
Feathersteel Knife (Melee): Speed 3, Accuracy 13, Damage 5L, Parry DV 5, Rate 3, Tags -
Feathersteel Knife (Thrown): Speed 3, Accuracy 12, Damage 5L, Rate 3, Range 20, Tags T
Essence Thorn: Speed 5, Accuracy 10, Damage 7L/2, Rate 2, Range 30, Tags O, Unblockable
Kick: Speed 5, Accuracy 8, Damage 6B, Parry DV 3, Rate 2, Tags N
Punch: Speed 5, Accuracy 9, Damage 3B, Parry DV 5, Rate 3, Tags N
Soak: 5B/5L (Feathersteel Chain Shirt)
Health Levels: -0/-0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap
Dodge DV: 10 Willpower: 8
Essence: 4
Personal: 17 Peripheral: 49 (9 committed)
Other Notes: Kai Gheron has Acquaintances across the West and parts of the North. The Chosen of Secrets known as Pleasant Phoenix is his Ally. His Artifacts are a Starmetal Wavecleaver Daiklave that once belonged to his previous exaltation and a pair of Starmetal Hearthstone Bracers. The dots in Backing represent his membership in The Golden Barque of the Heavens, The Convention of Water, The Convention on Deathlords, and the Gold Faction. The Celestial Manse is a comfortable townhouse in Yu-Shan that produces an Ever-Open Eye. His Connections are spread between the Coral Archipelago and Wu-Jian. He has been given access to a convention-owned Manse in the West that produces a Jewel of the Flying Heart as well as a first-age library Manse that produces an air-aspected Sorcerer’s Wall. He receives standard Sidereal pay and has some knowledge of a more glorious time.


Kai Gheron

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