Kratz, the Astrologer

Member of the Council of Entities


Kratz is a positively ancient Nexian woman, who tends to dress in rich silks and velvet with a spider motif. A woman of ostentatious tastes and strange behavior, Kratz has successfully predicted everything from famine and riot to sudden price shifts and bountiful harvests through her knowledge of the heavens, so the Council tolerates her extreme behavior. Though the Civilities of Kratz often seem to be some of most ridiculous ones issued by the Council, they often prove to make perfect sense in hindsight. In spite of her rather nebulous responsibilities, she commands the largest entourage of all the Councilors.

It is unknown what, if anything but mortal, Kratz is. She has never demonstrated any magical talent, save for her astrology. Yet, there are none living who remember a time when she was not a member of the Council of Entities, and her political power in Nexus has never waned. The truly learned in the world suspect her of being a Sidereal, but whatever her true nature, it seems apparent that she does have the good of Nexus as her priority. Beyond that, Kratz is a truly mysterious figure.

Kratz, the Astrologer

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