The world is not as it once was.  The First Age was a shining monument to its creators, the Exalted, and it spanned Creation with its majesty.  Cities of gleaming glass and alabaster competed with verdant fields and rolling hills filled with all manner of life.  The citizens of this world were safe, and if they had to contend with the whims of their Exalted rulers, then at least they were not at the mercy of monsters and Fair Folk.

The First Age has ended, and with it are gone the wonders of a world made by god-kings.  The Age of Sorrows is upon Creation, and with it come new horrors birthed from the Wyld, the Underworld, and even Hell itself.  But some of the knowledge and power of the First Age yet remains, buried in ancient catacombs, cyclopean tombs, or even entire cities swallowed by disrepair and disuse. 

It is into the Age of Sorrows that the Exaltations of the mighty Solar Exalted have returned, and not a moment too soon.  This is Creation's most desperate hour.  You have been Chosen by the Unconquered Sun.  Will you use this power to recover the mysteries of the lost Age and throw back Creation's invaders, or will you become a new god-king, ruling with the might of your recovered secrets? 

Exalted: Secrets of the Lost Age

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