Entaro Gasona

Pirate Captain and Priest of the Unconquered Sun


Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 4, Stamina 2, Charisma 5, Manipulation 4, Appearance 2, Perception 2, Intelligence 2, Wits 4
Virtues: Compassion 2, Conviction 3, Temperance 2, Valor 2
Abilities: Athletics 5, Awareness 4, Integrity 5 (Preaching +1), Melee 5 (Swords +3), Performance 5, Presence 5, Resistance 4, Sail 2, Socialize 2, Survival 3
Backgrounds: Artifact 2 (Daiklave), Backing (the Guild) 3, Followers 3, Resources 3
Athletics: Graceful Crane Stance
Integrity: Integrity-Protecting Prana
Melee: Bulwark Stance, Call the Blade, Dipping Swallow Defense, Hungry Tiger Technique, One Weapon, Two Blows
Presence: Authority-Radiating Stance, Hypnotic Tongue Technique, Listener-Swaying Argument, Majestic Radiant Presence, You Can Be More
Resistance: Body-Mending Meditation, Ox-Body Technique (x2)
Sail: Ship-Claiming Stance
Join Battle: 8
Daiklave – Speed 5, Accuracy 16, Damage 8L/2, Parry DV 8, Rate 4
Soak: 4B/5L (Breastplate +2B/
Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-1/-1/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-4/Incap
Dodge DV: 3 Willpower: 10
Essence: 3
Personal: 19 Peripheral: 47 (5 committed)
Other Notes: Entaro Gasona’s Artifact is a jade-and-orichalcum daiklave named the Cutlass of Coral. His Followers consist of his sizable crew, and his Resources come from pirate plunder and the sales of relics from a First Age tomb.

Limit Trigger
The Solar fails to defend the honor of Solars from casual or intentional insults and slights of others.

“Solars have a divine right and responsibility to rule.”
My Crew (Loyalty)
Dragon-Blooded (Hatred)
Sidereal (Hatred) – Latent Pending Discovery of Information
“Money makes the world go ’round.”


Having been orphaned as a boy on the streets of Coral by random acts of drunken Dragon-Blooded enforcers, Entaro Gasona survived on his charm and ability to outrun anyone too big to fight. One night, while arguing with stray cats for leftovers down by the fish market, he found himself at the docks looking up into the face of a bearded man wearing a black doublet and a brace of pistols who had somehow slipped out of the shadows and surprised him. For reasons the captain could never quite put his finger on he offered the scraggly boy a chance to be ship’s boy on a pirate galley called Purgatory’s Zenith. Not having anywhere else to turn, Entaro accepted, thinking as much about the night’s dinner of soup and bread as any thoughts of swashbuckling adventure. He found that adventure, however, and within the ranks of his crew mates he also found a brotherhood who shaped him into a man and a skilled pirate.

Serving under the gruff captain he spent months and then years learning the art of sailing, swordsmanship, and piracy. The Zenith always stayed a step ahead of the Dragon-Blooded authorities, the crew jeering with contempt each time they pulled away from pursuers into blackness of the ocean.

As the years passed Entaro found himself rising through the ranks until eventually he found himself first mate. On a stormy evening, Dragon-Blooded port authorities cornered the young pirate just inside the bay near Port Cailin. As hooks with ropes sailed through the wet air and drew the Zenith close to be boarded, Entaro raced forward, naked blade reflecting the flashes of lightning in the distance. Dispatching the first marine to land on the deck, Entaro looked up to see lightning illuminate his captain sagging against the gore-stained blade of an enormous Dragon-Blooded. Enraged at the sight of his adopted father crumbling to the deck something snapped deep inside. Leaping deftly over the body of his previous opponent, Entaro brought his sword around in a barely controlled swing that channeled years of anger, pain, and hate into the edge of the blade. As the steel cut deeply, a blinding flash of bright white enveloped the two ships. The only color against the white was the bright red splash from the insides of the Dragon-Blooded spraying through the air. As the combatants on both sides regained their footing, all stepped back from Entaro, who now sported a brilliant golden circle from which the blinding light radiated.

In a moment of clarity, Entaro understood that it was left to him to make the Dragon-Blooded pay for upending his world and all of Creation by destroying the order so carefully cultivated by the Solars over millennia. He must make Creation Great Again! Backlit by his own forehead, blade dripping with rain and blood, Entaro crossed the gap between the ships with impossible speed. In seconds Entaro turned the rain-soaked decks of both his new ships red, something his crew would complain about in the coming days as they scrubbed the Dragon-Blooded from between the planks.

In the days that followed, Entaro divided his crew among those who could not handle the revelation of who their leader really was from those who would agree to accompany him to Nexus in pursuit of his holy quest to return the Solar Exalted to their rightful place as rulers of Creation. Soon he set sail with the Zenith and a crew of devoted followers for whatever awaited them in Nexus.

Entaro Gasona

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